Learning to play a musical instrument

I started learning how to play Kalimba (thumb piano) and made a first video tutorial Kalimba is an amazing little instrument of African origin.

I invented a new form of Paper Art, no seriously!

Yes, that’s right! I googled. So arts and crafts with recycled paper, recycled paper rolls to be more specific is nothing new but combine this with  modular Origami, Origami Tessellations and deep love for Geometry and there you have it! A new form of paper art


KOOKBOOX – An APP to automate recipe eBook creation process. Using this app you can build your own recipes collection using USDA Nutritional Database as ingredients/serving sizes source, and then export your recipes into a beautiful PDF eBook. The project is currently in the initial stages of development.

Geomegic means Geometry Magic and is a drawing technique concept in some ways similar to Zentangle with the difference of added geometry and symmetry achieved via using a drawing grid.  The first attempt at entrepreneurship, business-from-hobby, or passion-based business style. Unleash your innate creativity with this easy and intuitive geometric pattern design & coloring method.…

JunkPunk – Demo Store

The JunkPunk, a DEMO online store implemented solely with JavaScript. The project is organized around a fictional store selling junk and garage sale items and demonstrates how JavaScript can be used to set up a shopping cart.

Test Automation – Blog

Test Automation Pro is a Test Automation Knowledge Base and Web Development blog I’ve created to keep track of Test Automation projects, New Test Automation tools, and Demo Projects I am creating to test the new tools out and anything else I think might be useful to share with the tech community. Visit:


Hi, I am a Test Automation Developer and multi-passionate creative entrepreneur from Vancouver BC Canada and this website is the portfolio of my various projects. Please visit my LinkedIn profile to view my professional resume. Enjoy your stay!

Easily Raw – Recipe Blog

Easily Raw is a Raw food recipe blog I’ve created and now using as a source for my other project, Kookboox App. I am the author, creator, and… I ate it all 🙂 Visit:

Visual Attendance History – JavaScript Calendar

Visual Attendance History is a simple JavaScript-based Calendar I’ve created to track and visualize my year-by-year Yoga classes attendance history. The calendar is created using JavaScript arrays populated on the pack end. The next step will be creating a data entry interface, to add new dates via front end. So, to be continued…

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Work-life balance is increasingly important to me since I love what I do so much. Spending time outside daily is my way to unwind, get some fresh air, exercise, and go offline if only for a little while.